There are different kinds of assessments used for the evaluations of the performance of students at schools and colleges. They are described below. Through formative assessment method learning of students is monitored during the process of learning through feedback. This feedback is used to identify the areas where students are weak and giving extra care in teaching those students. Informal Assessment Methods Reflections These are a popular form of assessment method in which the students reflect after attending a course. Polls and Surveys These are basically data on the opinion by students and their behaviors which is assessed inside or outside classrooms. These kind ofRead More →

The purpose of survey is to collect information from a group of students on a topic that is understandable to them. There are different kind of surveys being conducted at educational institutions which mainly fall in the following categories. Case Study Survey –┬áCase Study surveys are conducted among a group of students without considering them to represent for the whole of students either inside the institution or in other colleges. This type of survey is often conducted to know how the larger group will respond for the same questions. Sample Survey – These types of surveys are conducted among a group of students and theRead More →

Flipped learning methods is a blended learning method focused on the delivery of content usually online outside the classroom. In this type of learning activities are often conducted in the classroom and reading of content is done at home. in flipped classroom model students often watch lecture by instructor online, or do research at home and will discus with faculties in the classroom. In traditional classroom teachers will be focused on giving content to group while in flipped classrooms teacher will get time to concentrate on individual students. In the flipped classroom the instructional method is shifted to a more learner centric model which isRead More →